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A warm, practical and personalised approach with a focus on optimal, measurable treatment outcomes
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Our Story

A word from Dr Laura...

In 2023, my husband Peter and I started Grow Hub Psychology based on our shared passion for holistic wellbeing. At this stage, I had had the privilege of working with a number of amazing psychologists and educators in a large independent school, leading their proactive wellbeing strategies and initiatives. I could see enormous value in both face-to-face counselling and the broad-scale reach when teaching staff and students about positive steps to manage their wellbeing. With Peter's background in medical technology and healthcare, he too held a passion for evidence-based practices and integrative and comprehensive health in optimising wellbeing. 


We had a shared vision: to build a practice that prioritises holistic wellbeing.

This encompasses not only individualised therapy, but also extends to broad-scale wellbeing consulting. Our aim is to empower people with the tools and understanding they need to navigate life’s challenges and stressors effectively. By fostering an awareness of their mental health and overall wellbeing, we strive to bolster their wellbeing before the need for clinical support arises. 


Grow Hub Psychology is built on the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. Our primary objective is to deliver evidence-based practice and utilise the latest cutting-edge research to deliver clinical excellence and maximise wellbeing outcomes.  We strongly believe in working collaboratively with our clients, fostering partnerships that allows us to achieve optimal results in your wellbeing journey. 


Meet The Team

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