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Our Professional Learning workshops are led by Dr Laura-Kate Dassos, an experienced workshop facilitator with a comprehensive background in school psychology. Dr Laura has a PhD in Health Psychology and is a registered Clinical Psychologist.  


Dr Laura is incredibly passionate about prevention – that is, helping staff and students to tune into their mental health and bolster their wellbeing before needing clinical care and support.  With a proven track record of leadership in both counselling (reactive) and preventative (proactive) school psychology teams at one of Sydney’s largest independent schools, Dr Laura has a strong focus on translating evidence-based wellbeing research into dynamic, vibrant and engaging workshops. She strives to develop wellbeing excellence across school communities, offering workshops and presentations for staff, parents and students.   



Therapy Closeup

Clinical Supervision

Our Principal Psychologist Dr Laura-Kate Dassos is a Board-approved supervisor for both the Clinical Registrar and 5+1 internship programs. 

Please contact Dr Laura for supervision availability and enquiries.


Individual Therapy 

Therapeutic Approach 

At Grow Hub Psychology, we understand that taking the first step and opening up to someone new can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and collaborative environment for every client. 


Dr Laura brings extensive experience in supporting young individuals with various well-being concerns, and will work together with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your wellbeing. 


Dr Laura is dedicated to helping you make progress and reach optimal well-being. Her PhD background means she has a strong focus on evidence-based practice and is committed to the most cutting-edge wellbeing research. Through regular measurement of your progress, she will adapt her therapeutic approach as necessary to ensure that each session is effective and supports your personal growth. 

Dr Laura has extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults, with particular focus areas including: 

  • Changes in mood including anxiety & depression 

  • Stress management, including study-stress & time management

  • Eating disorders & body image

  • Friendship issues & bullying

Please note: Dr Laura will be taking on new clients from early 2024.

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